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The beginning of magic

Ban Thai Herb Co., Ltd. was born from Khun Patcharee Nudang who was inspired by helping farmers who grow rice which faced with the problem of overcapacity and low prices, therefore she was trying to do the researching information about rice . She started  with “Sangyod Rice” which is the native rice of Phatthalung province. Khun Patcharee Nudang has joined with the Faculty of Industry  Prince of Songkla University (MO) and the NSTDA agency conduct research using Sangyod rice  to create more value. Until being a product of Sangyod Rice Bran Oil . After that, Khun Patcharee Nueang has the opportunity to work with the  Phatthalung Provincial Industry to  develop “Sangyod Rice”  into industrial products.

When the inspiration of Khun Phatcharee is want to develop the Sangyod rice, local rice of Phatthalung Province, which is highly useful , will be used as  the main ingredient in helping restore Nourish cells from the inside out.

The journey Khun Patcharee continues to focus on local farmers and wants to use the native rice  “Sangyod rice”, which is more than 500 years old, is rich in minerals, special nutrients that can be obtained from animal carcasses that are blown from the Buntad mountain range . Flowing from the highlands to the low plains. According to the geography of the province .The  nature has created the best value  from mountains into the field surprisingly . The  harvesting of “Sangyod rice” will be held only once a year.

Because of the small details, we believe that it is something that truly makes a difference.

the art of blending oil from Sangyod rice was merged with the ingredients perfectly. Khun Patcharee brought the “Sangyod” rice bran through the screw press cold pressing process which can retain the original properties by being able to Gained 22,800 gram of Oryzanol, which is higher than other rice bran oil and takes up to 6 months to become a MIRACLE OIL. Behind the success of the product.

ORIZAN concentrated Oil. Khun Patcharee believes that Sangyod Rice Bran Oil which is  highly valuable. That nature has chosen and created will be able to restore the skin, repair various cells in the body and create efficiency to come back to life again as truly as the “miracle that is distilled from the ear of rice”


We aim to produce quality products for health “ Eco-friendly” under the concept of doing business to help society, community, public organization in Phatthalung Province.


  • Produce quality products Non-toxic residues from chemicals to provide customers with the best products.

  • Using the materials from agricultural products to enhance income for farmers in the community.

  • Product development research to focus on producing products that can create additional value.

  • Returning to society through the WE CARE SPECIAL CHILDREN project and the church.